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I’m Serena

The person behind the persona.


My official awakening journey began at the age of 13, through a traumatic family experience, which caused me to question the reality I was living in. Without having the tools to cope, at such a young age, I allowed myself to suffer emotionally and physically, for about four years. 

Using different modalities such as journaling, mindfulness, dream interpretation and traditional therapy. I began my healing journey at 17. I started reading books like: “Women who run with the Wolves” and my life has been forever changed.

I started to dive into my own qualities as an empath, introvert, intuitive, and highly sensitive person. As I began to understand myself on deeper levels, that understanding turned to love, and that love started to transform my life and all the people that were in it.

This has been a life-long practice, and will continue to be. It has accompanied me in my career as hairstylist, where I learned that this journey of self-love is universal; In my relationships, where I learned that you can only love another person as much as you love yourself; In my experience in reiki energy healing, where I learned that life force energy is the same energy as unconditional love, and giving reiki is essentially healing others through the power of love; In my own intuitive development, where I learned how to deepen my relationship with the divine frequency of love; And in my work of mentorship and coaching, where I am continuously learning that while each person carries their own divine frequency, the foundation of that frequency is built on love, and by tapping into that foundation each person has access to success in all areas of life.

My mission now is to use this wisdom in my travels and work with others, to teach integration, healing, and discovery of each person's unique power and gifts.

I Specialize in work with Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, Women and Gifted or Intuitive Children. I believe we are all in need of healing and I am here to help facilitate that process for as many people as I can!