Dream your World into Being
Holding a Book


Deeper Understanding of Yourself

More Clarity in Life

Heightened Intuition

Get Connected to Spirit

Less Stress and Worry

Ability to Develop your own Gifts

More Restful Sleep



What are they trying to tell us?

Dreams are codes given to us by our higher self.

During sleep our body relaxes and we enter a subconscious state not normally accessible to our waking mind. When we enter this state, we are able to send and receive messages through any length of space and time. These messages are processed as images for our conscious mind upon waking. 

The problem comes when we have to interpret through different symbols/characters/feelings what on earth we were receiving in dreamtime!

Through my studies in dream interpretation, I can guide you to understand your personal dream language as a dictionary to help process your dreams, and use this important information in your daily life.