Compassionate Beauty


Hello beautiful soul,

This activation is my gift to you.

I am overjoyed that you are interested in my work!

This is a channeled, guided meditation made just for you!

An "activation" or "code" is simply light information. Our bodies are made of light, and our DNA is embedded with this information. Our cells can be compared to seeds which have the potential to bloom onto a beautiful garden when it is activated with light, water, and nourishment. Light codes work the same way. When we participate in activities such as: meditation, somatic movement, and embodiment practices, we have access to new light codes that become integrated in our DNA to heal our bodies for our highest good.

This activation is a powerful set of affirmations and mantras channeled intuitively to access spontaneous healing and recognition of our own divine power through the blessings of beauty codes.

Are you ready?

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