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Becoming the Beauty Buddha

Buddha walking on rose petals
Walking the Beauty Way

How did I become the 'Beauty Buddha' through my 'Awakened Wanderings'? In ancient Sanskrit "Buddha" means "awakened one."

Buddhist practicing meditation
Ascetic Buddhist

Siddhartha Gautama, before he was known as Buddha, lived as a very wealthy prince. After a prophecy, he left his booshie lifestyle to travel and become a spiritual teacher. He practiced many disciplines before attaining the "Enlightenment" that we all know him for today. Part of his journey included an ascetic lifestyle where he basically denied all sensual pleasures including: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, entertainment, sex, food, etc... Pretty much denying the body in favor of religious or spiritual devotion. After leaving this practice, he found enlightenment through the "middle way" which introduces a balance between severe religious devotion and excess of sensual pleasures.

Serena Willis doing Bridal Hairstyling

You could say my story is very similar:

Happily engaged, perfect house, fulfilling career as a hairstylist, great friends and family, but something more called me. So, I left my own booshie lifestyle in favor of following a more spiritual path. I started traveling around the United States living out of my car with my partner (The Frugal Nomad). I Slept in tents in 20 degree weather; Ate campfire meals or sometimes no meals at all; Showered in facilities with cockroaches; And rid myself of all beauty rituals including: make-up and hair routines, manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, professional products and fragrances, and formal clothing. I denied all my feminine, western ideals for a lifestyle I believed would bring me "closer to God." This did not happen. My true awakening came when I fully accepted that beauty is a part of who I am at my core. By denying my core self, I was actually denying my own godliness.

Serena Willis holding leaves in a red skirt
Embodying Self-love and Acceptance

So, now, I am here, back from my own version of asceticism, to teach the "middle way." I am here, to show that we are both physical and beyond the physical, and that real beauty is in The Beyond. I am here to connect the modern woman back to herself and her true and most beautiful nature.

See! Even my tea this morning is confirmation!

With Love,

The Beauty Buddha