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Release Ritual

This post is one that is deeply personal to me. I have done A LOT of letting go to get to where I am today in my healing journey. And sometimes it can feel defeating because there is ALWAYS more to release.

It's often amazing to me that LESS really is MORE. The more and more we surrender the more and more we come home to our most infinite self. We become entangled and trapped by stories and life experiences, and the only way to liberate our true, divine nature is to LET GO.

NOTE: If you are looking for alternative resources in your journey of shedding layers of yourself I want you to first listen to the song "The Old Story" by Trevor Hall. This song perfectly illustrates what we do when we are holding on to our beliefs so tightly that they begin to actually suffocate us. Music can be a powerful healing tool to connect us back to our heart and allow us the space to become new again while feeling heard and safe.

What I would like to share with you all today is a meditative ritual that was given to me by my higher self when I was in the process of shedding layers of toxic thoughts/patterns/beliefs.

FIRST: Gathering Items

  • Find a safe and comfortable place to hold your ceremony.

  • You may want to bring comfort items like: a blanket, pillow, tissues (I actually made a blanket fort because that represented safety for my inner wounded child).

  • You can bring candles, sage, palo santo, any crystals or totems that are meaningful to you. (I had grounding stones like shungite and black tourmaline to anchor in my new self).

  • You can bring a journal or sketch book (I connect to my higher self best through writing. Some receive messages thru images or drawing as well, so if these things are beneficial bring them. You may also want to write about your experience afterwards.

NOTE: It may be beneficial for you to record yourself reading this meditation and then listen back to it when you are ready to complete the ritual. The reason for this is so that you are able to flow through the ritual easily, without stopping to read. If you choose this route... You may begin recording NOW.

SECOND: Setting the Ceremonial Space

  • Sit or lay down in your place of ceremony.

  • SPEAK THE WORDS: I am now in sacred ceremony with myself. I am SAFE to enter this ritual.

  • SPEAK THE WORDS: I now call upon my higher self to guide and support my transition into the next best version of myself.

  • FEEL your higher self arrive. Where do they meet you? Do they make physical contact? How does their presence make you feel?

  • UNDERSTAND that with your higher selves guidance there is nothing that can go wrong and every point from here forward is divinely orchestrated for your highest good.

THIRD: Beginning the Ritual Meditation

  • Close your eyes and envision yourself in a beautiful forest. What does it look like? What does it smell like? Sound like? Feel like? What animals or birds or trees are around you?

  • Take a moment to come to the forest floor and connect with the earth.

  • You know you are here to do powerful healing and the earth is here to support you. Remember you are in sacred ceremony. Everything you do is divinely guided by your higher self. In fact, through the tree line in the forest you see the beautiful, glowing outline of your higher self coming towards you in this moment.

  • You feel at peace and relaxed knowing they are here to support you.

  • When your higher self reaches you, you express to them how you have been carrying these toxic pieces of yourself for too long. They have become too heavy of a burden and you are ready to let them go now.

  • You give your higher self permission to instruct you in a ritual that will allow you to release these parts of yourself.

  • Everything you do from here forward is instructed by your higher self and done effortlessly.

FOURTH: The Ritual

  • You begin digging a hole in the earth with your bare hands.

  • You do this with respect and gratitude for mother nature as she is providing the space for this ritual.

  • You pull out bits of grass as you dig through the first layer.

  • You feel how soft the grass is and how delicate it brakes when you pull on it.

  • You continue to dig deeper.

  • You feel the dirt and soil collecting under your fingernails and this deepens the connection to mother earth.

  • As you continue to dig you lightly set the misplaced dirt in a pile beside you.

  • When the hole is about a foot deep and foot wide you stop digging and admire the hole as the ritual space that it is.

  • In this moment you feel deep gratitude for this space.

  • You come to a standing position and look out into the forest.

  • You begin to walk towards the tree line and into the thick part of the forest.

  • As you enter the forest thicket your eyes are towards the ground.

  • You see all kinds of branches, leaves, and grass on the forest floor.

  • You begin to gather the dried leaves and branches in your arms.

  • And you do so very meditatively.

  • It feels nice to gather the materials that you need for this sacred ceremony from mother earth and you give gratitude for the abundance she provides.

  • When your arms are full of branches, sticks, and leaves you head back to the clearing in the forest.

  • As you return you see the hole you made waiting for you to fill her with your collection.

  • You begin breaking the branches and sticks that are too big to fit and making them just the right size for the length of the hole.

  • When they are all the right size you begin stacking them together to fill the hole.

  • You put in the leaves, the sticks and the branches with gratitude.

  • You are now kneeling before your sacred pyre.

  • You place your hands a few feet above the pyre and bless it.

  • As you are blessing it, your blessing sets it ablaze.

  • You are grateful for its warmth because the sun is beginning to set in the forest.

  • You know that this is a magical fire created within the earth to alchemize your being in the ritual.

  • You are now sitting in a meditative positing as you watch the flames dances and flicker as the night grows darker.

  • Out of the corner of your eye you see something shining in the firelight.

  • You turn your head to see what it is. A dagger.

  • You pick up the ceremonial dagger and you see that the hilt of it is a serpent.

  • You hold the dagger up to the moon and firelight.

  • You bring the dagger down a cut in the middle of your body from the top of your head to the tail bone.

  • There is no pain.

  • You set the dagger beside you with gratitude.

  • You begin at the top of your head and start peeling away the layers of flesh from your body.

  • You peel away skin, muscle, tendons, and bone.

  • You feel the blood painlessly drip to the earth.

  • As you peel away your face, your hair, your mouth, down to your neck, you begin to feel lighter and more free.

  • You reach your chest and peel away you ribs, heart, lungs, and stomach.

  • The limp body and skin is just hanging behind you as you continue to peel away its layers.

  • You peel away the flesh and bones of your arms and hands.

  • As you continue to peel, notice which areas are harder or easier to peel away. Do you have to try more than once to peel away a part of your body? How does it feel? Allow any emotions that come up to arise and be released.

  • You peel your belly button, your backbone, your internal organs like your intestines, liver, kidneys.

  • You are mourning this part of yourself and it is safe to FEEL.

  • You continue to peel away layers of your butt, your pelvis, your sex organs, and your tailbone.

  • And Lastly you peel away the flesh on your legs, and bone, and knees.

  • You peel away the tendons on your feet and ankles until the last part of flesh that is still hanging on is the very tips of your toes.

  • As you peel off this last part of flesh, you see your body laying in a motionless heap in front of you.

  • What does it look like? How do you feel? What is coming up for you?

  • You notice that the fire is still blazing brightly and you caring and lovingly pick up the remains of your body and set them in the fire.

  • As you watch your body burn you feel an extraordinary sense of lightness. You feel the ties you had to the toxicity evaporate and turn to smoke as it rises in to the air, and turn to ash as is falls into the ground.

  • You look back to yourself and realize that you have no body.

  • You are FREE. But you are also still here. Your consciousness still exists.

  • Because you have no body you notice that you are not separate from the earth that you are sitting on, you are the earth. You are the grass, you are the trees, you are the branches and leaves.

  • You are not separate from the air that you breathe, you are the air. You are the invisible force, you are the whisper through the trees, you are the movement of all things.

  • You are not separate from the fire that is burning, you are the fire. You are the heat. You are the flame that dances in the wind that you are resting on the ground of you.

  • You are not separate from the light bit of misty rain that is beginning to fall. You are the malleable molecules that touch all things and are made up of all things.

  • You are the water that puts out the fire made of you, that dances in the wind of you, that rests in the earth of you.

  • You feel fully the expansion of your TRUE SELF. You feel the feeling of infinite abundance that accompanies this state of awareness.

  • You allow yourself to revel in the bliss of this expansion as you watch the fire slowly melt away from the rain.

  • The rain is light and soft and cleansing to all beings in the forest, and to mother earth.

  • She has taken our burdens and transformed them in to limitless beingness.

  • And we rest in this knowing.

  • We look towards our higher self who is gazing at us lovingly and we thank them

  • They bow their head towards us in honor of our greatness and they slowly ascend back to spirit realm.

  • We look back to the WHOLE we have created and the dirt that lies beside it.

  • We softly cover the remaining ashes with the dirt.

  • When we pat it down and remove our hand we see a small sprout coming out of the soil.

  • This sprout turns beautifully into a blooming flower.

  • We bring out hands to our hearts and give thanks for all that IS.

  • And we return HOME.

FIFTH: Ending the Ceremony

  • You may now open your eyes and come back to this reality

  • You may care for yourself in any way that feels good (After I did this ritual, I decided to take a bath with Epsom salts. It is important to care for yourself fully and allow yourself the time to process your ceremony.)

  • You may desire to write about your experience in order to solidify it.

  • Remember YOU ARE THE LIGHT

This Releasing Ritual can be done whenever you have a piece of you that you can see is no longer serving you. This can be done alone, or with friends and family. Rituals are many times much stronger when we do them together. When we unite for common goals we expand our abilities to create change.

It is my opinion that LETTING GO is our most powerful tool for liberation. Our freedom always rests within our free will, and our decisions.

I hope this ritual has helped you, and you will use it in the future whenever you need a little extra love and support.

With love,


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