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The Beauty of Meditation: 5 Ways a Regular Practice Makes You Look and Feel more Beautiful

For 7 years I worked as a hairstylist in a high end salon. The daily life was consumed by the latest fashion trends, the best make-up brands, and the hottest cut and color. I had so many beautiful people who sat in my chair, but the ones that were the most beautiful were the ones that were... HAPPY!

During this time, I began meditating to combat the stresses of working many hours, on my feet, and trying my best to please everyone. My meditation teacher at the time would take "progress pics" of me every few months to show me the difference in my face.

But It wasn't until I left the Beauty Industry to pursue a FULL-ON spiritual path that I realized the big correlations between beauty and meditation.

Our natural beauty is created internally.

By now I'm sure you are wondering how can meditation benefit me?

  1. Our hair, skin and nails are the last cells in our bodies to receive the nutrients we consume. When you meditate your body produces chemicals to offset stress hormones. Less stress means our bodies can focus less on survival and more on cellular repair and reconstruction. So what does this mean?

  • The silky, shiny, fuller hair you've always wanted!

  • Ever heard the saying?: "Tough as nails." Yeah... they were talking about yours!

  • Softer/clearer skin... Bye bye breakouts!

2. Meditation lowers the heart rate through deep breathing. When our heart rate lowers, our body requires less oxygen to function. This allows the capillaries in the extremities of the body to receive more oxygen rich blood. So what does this mean?

  • You can kiss some of those fine lines and wrinkles goodbye!

  • Glowing skin sans filter.

  • More youthful appearance. Did someone just get carded?

3. During deep meditation our body reaches a restful state in minutes. This type of state would normally take six hours of sleep to reach. So what does this mean?

  • You can still have a late night out without sacrificing the beauty rest!

  • More time equals more money!

  • More energy is less time makes you the ultimate girlboss!

5. Meditation allows a safe space to, well... Just be! And when we sit with ourselves for long enough we get to know and love ourselves. Most people in western culture have a mind-body disconnection, and meditation helps facilitate a healthy relationship to your mind and body. So what does this mean?

  • Deeper connection to your sexual energy... MEOW!

  • More confidence to embrace yourself! You do you booboo!

  • Improved posture to strut your stuff.

  • Appetite control or weightloss... Even though you don't need it hunny! You are perfect the way you are!

There are more studies being done every day to link meditation to benefits in all areas of our lives! Most instructors say even just five minutes a day can make a HUGE difference in your confidence and appearance! Who would have thought that you can become beautiful by sitting and actively NOT DOING! This is for sure a beauty ritual that I can afford to add to my daily routine!

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